International Day of Families 2021

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The International Day of Families is observed annually on May 15. This day was founded by United Nations in 1994 in the General Assembly. It reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. This event provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic, and demographic processes affecting families. Our most formative years are spent with our families and those people are likely the most important people in our lives, so they should be celebrated.

Subject of International Day of Families 2021

The subject of the current year’s International Day of Families will be Families and New Technologies. As per the foundation record of the current year’s topic, ”The delayed COVID-19 pandemic exhibited the significance of advanced advances for work, instruction, and correspondence. The pandemic has sped up mechanical changes that had effectively been in progress both in the public eye and at work, including the extended utilization of advanced stages and related mechanical developments like distributed computing and the utilization of large information and algorithms…”.


In 1983, the United Nations redirected its thoughtfulness regarding the necessities of families across the world. The Economic and Social Council and the Commission for Social Development asked the then Security-General to raise more mindfulness about the issues and needs of groups of each sort. It was in its goal passed on May 29, 1985, that the General Assembly incorporated a theme, “Families in the Development Process” on the proposal of the previously mentioned Council.

In December 1989, the association pronounced International Day of Families that is praised each year on May 15. Every year has an alternate topic that portrays the fluctuating levels on which familial issues can be focussed upon.


The point and meaning of the day are straightforward. Relational intricacies continue advancing as the world continues to change. As it grows further, it influences families all throughout the planet. It is on them how they embrace those changes. The issues and issues encompassing this are what this day is for. Mindfulness is raised about the equivalent with the goal that the agreement improves.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven- George Bernard Shaw

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