How to Install Mac operating system Monterey Beta in Any Mac device

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How to Install Mac operating system Monterey Beta in Any Mac device

In the WWDC 2021 apple released latest version of their OS to all the Apple devices. One of the most expected and latest update came for MacOS. New version of MacOs come-up with some unique and good changes. If you want to have a look into MacOS Monterey and wanted to know more about its feature, then you can installed the developer beta version of the operating system and have a try. Here we will talk about how to install MacOS Monterey beta in any Macbook computer.

Note: In order to install developer beta version of MacOS you might need an Apple developer account handy. Public Beta version of Mac operating system Monterey will get available by the next month.

Things to do before proceeding:

First thing which you need to keep in mind is machine backup of your mac. You need to spend some time to setup backup for Mac. For doing so you need to go to App drawer and click on Time machine option.

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Here you could see 2 two options like iCloud backup or a Backup to local drive and you need to select from these 2 options.

How to Install Mac operating system Monterey Beta

You need to select accordingly and backup all the files of your Mac so that in case you run into any problems with the latest mac update, you can restore things any time without losing the data.

Now that you have setup and take the backup, you need to visit to the site and download the beta profiles from Appleā€™s official website. To find the beta profile visit to the link as below

By clicking on the url above,you can find the beta profile.

Installing Apple Beta Software

Here you will see the list of all versions of Apple beta profiles for IOS,Mac operating system , tv operating system and WatchOperating system. As we are downloading the MacOS beta profile, click on that.All the result you would see on this page.

MacOS Beta Software

You need to click on the link of the download page and once you click you would be redirected to a login page where you need to put the user id and password in order to pass the authentication.

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After login with the Developer Apple ID you will redirected to the dashboard. Post reached there you need to click on the install profile seen on that page to download the MacOS developer beta profile to your mac repository.

How to Install Mac operating system Monterey Beta
MACOS Monterey Beta

All the data which is downloaded by clicking on the above link will found in to the downloads folder in your macbook.Navigate to the downloads folder and  double click to open the beta profile and install it in one click.

After the step which you have taken above ,You will see a popup which says to Continue , you need to click on it and complete the flow to start the setup in order to proceed with the installation.

MACOS Monterey Beta

You will see a window where you need to select the path where you need to install your MacOS Monterey. After selecting the path and installation directory , Setup will be asked to enter the credentials in order to install the MAC OS.Once you will enter the user id and password, setup will proceed with the installation.

Once you completed all the steps given above and process is completed,then you could see that your beta profile has successfully installed to your mac. Once completed, You will be asked to restart your mac machine, click the notification and restart and once restarted, then you are all set to download and install the very latest version of MacOS Monterey to your Macbook.

In order to check the update click on the Apple logo at the status bar of your Mac and then click on the About this mac button which you would see in front of your eyes.

MacOS Installation guide

Once you click on the above button then you will see a software update button on the screen. Click on that popup.Once you clicked, Your mac will check for any updates available with the product. If update is available it will show you and you can download it by clicking on the button.


Mac OS installation

Wait for the operating system to get downloaded in to your machine.The file size will be approximately 11 GB. Once downloaded in to your machine you can continue to do the setup process to install the latest version of MacOS Monterey in to your machine.

Mac Os Software Update
MACOS Monterey Beta installation process

When the process is completed then you will be asked to restart. You need to restart your device and Once restarted , MacOS Monterey is ready for you to use and will be running on the latest version of the OS.

macOs Home Screen

Conclusion: How to download and install MacOS Monterey beta in Any Macbook device

The MacOS monterey is the 12th iteration of the MacOS that we all are aware off. Apple has come-up with some new designs as well as new functionalities with this version of OS. As this OS version is at developer beta stage, you can expect some bugs and issues while running this OS.

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