Apple AirPods 3 launch: features, new design, Price in India and specifications you should know

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Apple AirPods 3 launch: features, new design, Price in India and specifications you should know

Rumours are always be there for the tech company Apple. Latest rumours suggest that Apple may finally release their AirPods 3 at WWDC 2021. Keeping that in mind, we decided to get some details and share our outcomes with you.


  • It will look similar to the AirPods Pro.
  • AirPods 3 may arrive at WWDC 2021.
  • The AirPods may get a chipset called U1.

Apple’s next-generation AirPods which is AirPod 3 have been there in the news for quite some time now. A few weeks ago, rumours were in the market suggesting the launch to take place on May 18th with one more product of Apple which is Apple Music HiFi. But that was rumour off-course and that launch didn’t happen, so we’re still trying to find out when Apple will launch the AirPods 3 for which customers are eagerly waiting.

Courtesy of the leaks, we have learnt a lot about the Apple AirPods 3. It is rumoured that AirPone 3 would have similar design to AirPods Pro with smaller stems, no interchangeable tips or ANC. This would be the first design since apple launch AirPods in 2016.
Although Apple hasn’t yet announced anything about the AirPods 3, we’re hopeful that the tech and Mobile gaint will soon announce it at the WWDC 2021 starting from June 7. With that in mind, we decided to get some details about Apple AirPods 3.

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Apple AirPods 3 specifications and features

Up until now, several renders and picture are circulating in the market. Many YouTubers have also made some videos on similar-looking clones. We know till now is that the upcoming AirPods will feature a shorter stem through these leaks, much like the Apple AirPods Pro, it means it can be almost same in design but not in features. Some leaks also hinted towards the addition of interchangeable tips, but others leaks do not approve them.

Apple AirPods 3 clone with case

The video shared by EverythingApplePro gives us a nearby look at the Apple AirPods 3. The form factor of AirPods 3 has changed a bit where as overall design will be same. The AirPod case is less comprehensive and tall now, as suggested by previous leaks. Also, the driver housing is a little narrower when compared to AirPods Pro.

Another report shows that the Apple AirPods 3 might borrow the “pressure relief” functionality of the apple AirPods Pro that uses small vents on the ear-buds to release the pressure that builds in your ear canal while using them.
We have also got to know that Tech giant is also working on a new wireless chipset that will be included in Apple AirPods 3. This new chip, called U1, will improve life of air-pod battery and range and come up with few more additional features.

We also heard that Apple AirPods 3 is also supposed to get a system-in-package (SiP) solution which is similar we have in Apple’s AirPods Pro. This will allow the noise-canceling circuitry and H1 Chip to fit in a more compact design.
The future Apple AirPods are supposed to get ambient light sensors that will allow them to be as health-monitoring devices. Isn’t it a good feature that is coming up with future AirPods?

Upcoming AirPods may also be capable of adjusting the volume of music depending upon the activities going around in the surroundings with the help of inbuilt AI. Apple patented this feature in August 2020. The patent further describes how future AirPods could help stay safe on roads by using a combination of GPS data from a smartphone or smartwatch and positional data from the earbuds themselves.So if you are looking for a AirPods on the security and safety point of you, then your wait should be over soon.

Apart from this, spatial audio features might also be included in Apple AirPods 3. Currently, the feature is exclusive available in AirPods Pro and AirPods Max which are bit costly.

Do not miss, there’s also a rumour spreading around which says Apple may use Bone conduction technology for “Multipath audio stimulation using audio compressors” on future AirPods which apple is going to announce soon.

Apple AirPods 3 date to launch

All Apple lovers are eagerly waiting for it to launch. It was supposed that the earbuds might arrive on May 18 with another Apple product Apple Music HiFi. Apple did introduce lossless audio, however, it gave no hints about the launch of AirPods 3. Fresh rumours around suggest that these AirPods will arrive at WWDC 2021, which will get starts on June 7. In case that doesn’t happen, Apple would release the AirPods 3 with the iPhone 13 series launch in September 2021.

Apple AirPods 3 price in India

Much like the launch date, there are no solid evidence about the pricing of Apple AirPods 3. However, keeping the previous pricing trends in mind, we are expecting the price near to the previous models which is around Rs 12,000

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